A Guide to Healthy Eating-Its Not just about Exercise

Do you consider yourself a healthy person do you think you eat healthy most people do but are you eating the right foods and drink. I am going to try to point you in the right direction to a truly healthy diet with a Guide to healthy eating.

The key to healthy diet and healthy eating is consuming correct amount of calories for how active you are. The truth is if you eat too much and drink too much you will put on weight its as simple as that.If you eat healthy well-balanced diet from a wide variety of foods it will help you maintain a healthy weight.A guide to healthy eating

Most people eat the wrong kinds of food with high calorie content and they contain too much fat, sugar and salt. The recommended calorie content is 2500 per day for men and 2000 for women this is just a guide line depending on how active you are a top class athlete would consume considrsbly more.

It is never too late to change your diet you just have to the confidence and knowledge to do it there is never a bad to do To help through and make it easier I am going to explain what you need to get from different food groups and how to keep you focused and on track.

The Benefits of eating Healthy.

The main benefits of a healthy well-balanced diet are there for all to see you can maintain a healthy weight you will feel good and have more energy. A healthy diet also has benefits for your health it can reduce the risk off heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, osteporosis and some cancers, if you have one of these conditions eating a healthy diet can help manage you condition.

A guide to healthy eatingEating Healthy.

Eating healthy can mean a variety off things it can be cutting your portion sizes down or eating more or less of certain types of food. The larger part of your diet should be made up of fruit and vegetables and starchy foods. A moderate amount of protein and dairy or alternatives should be part of your diet and unsaturated oils should only form a small part of your diet.

Five A Day.

A healthy balanced diet should contain plenty of fruit and vegetables they are a source of vitamins minerals and fibre and should go towards a third of your diet per a day.

As part of your healthy diet you should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day you can eat more but this is the recommended minimum. Eating a variety fruit and vegetables is best and you can eat them in different ways you can have fresh vegetables with your meals and fruit after. If you have a hectic lifestyle you can put into a smoothie so you can have your five a day on the move.A guide to healthy eating

There is no excuse for you to not have your five a day the portions do not have to be big you do not have to have them as part of your meal. Its ten thirty am its time for a break make your tea or coffee don’t have a biscuit with it have an apple or banana or any fruit.

As long as you are having your five a day it does not matter how you eat them you can fit them in easily by making small changes to your existing diet its easier than you think.

Five a day foods

Apples, Bananas, oranges, pears, nectarines, plums, strawberries, grapes, rasberries 

Fresh tomatoes, tinned tomatoes, cucumber lettuce, peppers, mushrooms, spring onion

broccoli,cauliflower, carrots, beans, peas, cabbge,spinnach, turnips, leeks, parsnips,

There are many more five a days foods but as you can see from the list above there is plenty to choose from so you have no excuse get eating you five a day.

Starchy foods in you diet.

Starchy foods are an important part of a healthy balanced diet a third of your diet should contain starchy foods They are the main source of carbs in your diet and the main source of nutrients. They contain fibre, calcium, iron and vitamin b they are also good for your digestive health.

a guide to healthy eatingOne of the best starchy foods is potato and is a good choice to put into your healthy diet especially the skin they are a good source of vitamin they don’t count towards you five a day but they will form an important part of your diet. ,so when you eat a jacket potato make sure you eat the skin.

Whole grain and wholemeal foods are a good food in the starchy food family brown rice brown pasta wholemeal bread all contain more vitamins minerals and fibre than white. Eating enough wholegrain throughout the day is important to make sure you are getting enough fibre they also take longer to digest which will make you feel fuller for longer.

Starchy foods

Potatoes, Wholegrain Bread, granary Bread, pasta, brown pasta rice, brown rice, cereals, porridge, rice cakes, sweet potato, noodles,

The list above is not exhaustive and there are more starchy foods but as you can see above you can make a lot of healthy meals tasty meals from the list above. Starchy foods also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

What about Protein ?

Do I need a lot of protein well yes you need protein as part of healthy well-balanced diet. Protein is so important it is a very important component of every single part of your body having protein in your body helps repair and build tissues and is a building block of muscles, cartridge, skin, blood and bones. Your body does not store protein so you have no reservoir to call on like fat and carbohydrates so it has to be renewed hence you have to have protein in your healthy diet.A guide to healthy eating

There are many things that are source of protein that you can add to diet Milk and dairy products are good source of protein and they also contain calcium. You should choose semi or skimmed milk, soft, cheeses, hard cheese, cottage cheese, low fat yogurt. Where you can you should opt for lower fat products. Dairy alternatives such as soya milk can be included.

Meat is a good source of protein and it contains vitamins, zinc, iron, b vitamins and a main source of vitamin b12. When choosing your meat to pick lean cut meat and skinless poultry, Try to eat less red meat and processed meat such as bacon and sausages.

Eggs and fish have many vitamins and mineral and fish especially oily meat contains omega 3 which is good for your brain health. Try to include two portions of fish in your diet per week and try to make one of them an oily fish. Eggs you can a have at any time so there is no excuse not to include them in your diet,

A guide to healthy eatingBeans, peas and lentils are low in fat and have protein, vitamins and minerals in them. As you can see there are a lot of sources of protein that are essential and can be easily included in you healthy diet.

It is essential that you keep hydrated through the drink between 6 to 8m glasses of fluid per day. It is best to drink water low fat milk. Having a smoothie or fruit juice can count to your fluid intake but try to limit it to one glass is it is high in free sugars. Every bodies favorite tea and coffee will also count as long as there is no sugar added. A good indicator that you are hydrated is though you urine if you are dehydrated you urine will be darker if you are hydrated enough it will be pale in colour. So remember to drink plenty of fluid throughout the day.



Your Diet needs Oils and spreads.

Certain fats are essential to your dies but you cannot eat too much saturated fats so it is essentialA guide to healthy eating you get your fats from unsaturated oils and spreads. Having unsaturated fats will help lower your cholesterol. Eating small amounts of fats is better because fats are high in energy.

Eating too much saturated fat, salt and sugar will inevitably higher your blood pressure and cholesterol which will lead to an increased risk of heart disease and the risk of having a stroke and obesity so lay of them fats.


Get Eating Healthy Now!

Eating a healthy well-balanced diet I believe is better than going on a diet if you eat the best healthy foods at the corA guide to healthy eatingrect times and combine it with exercise you will lose weight and be able to maintain it in the long term. There are so many foods out there that can be put into a healthy diet and there are so many different recipes out there that can be used to create good healthy nutritious meals.

So get out there and discover how good it is to have a healthy diet that will help you feel healthier and give you the energy and confidence to live life to the full. I hope you have enjoyed my guide to healthy eating now it your turn get out there and start as mean to go on and eat healthy you will not regret it.


Good Luck .







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    You have picked an excellent niche to get into. As a first step, I would suggest getting rid of the just another wordpress site tag line on your banner and replace it with something that suits you. Fitness, Health, and Weight Loss – Working together for better health, for example. Your layout is great, with the text wrapped images. I would politely suggest leaving headings without any end punctuation, no periods.
    I’m glad you chose to include healthy oils and fats. I take MCT oil as well as omega 3 oils. They are great for brain health and helping your body to absorb vitamins like Vitamin D. Finally, I would suggest using grammarly or spell check, which I use, to help you catch any missed any grammar or spelling mistakes. It really turns articles around.

  2. Natalie says:

    There’s so many benefits to eating healthy, just like listed here. I made a new commitment to do so since the new year and have noticed a big difference in how I feel, especially getting more protein into my diet. Thanks for the info, interesting read.

  3. Erin A Eddings says:

    This article was excellent! Most people don’t get that weight loss is more about what you eat, not cutting back on eating itself. I just ate cleaner for four days without exercise and already the bloating from my stomach area has decreased significantly! The information you have provided is very valid!

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