Best Martial Arts for Fitness

Martial art’s are a set of systems and traditions of combat and self-defence, originating in china there are many styles that masters and teachers introduced which have been perfected over time.Martial art’s will maximize your mental, phiysical and spiritual development. Martial art’s put simply are series of techniques, striking with your feet and hands and grappling. Martial art’s comes in different categories stand up and strike, grappling, low impact styles and mixed martial art’s but which is the best martial art’s for fitness.

All martial art’s are good for fitness they all combine conditioning, agility,strength,and technique all these combined will help you with your fitness, as well as the physical aspect of martial art’s it will help you with discipline and self-defence. I have done martial art’s for many years and my personal preference is kickboxing standing up and striking but everybody is different it all depends on what you want to get out of your martial art’s.The martial art’s I am going to talk about will give you a better idea of what is the best one for you.


Kickboxing is popular stand up and strike martial art there are different types but all give the same fitness benefits. Kickboxing will work your entire body not just target areas and it will improve your endurance and muscular strength.

Kickboxing will significantly increase you cardiovascular fitness and heart heaBest martial arts for fitness-kickboxinglth, build your strength and tone your body. Kickboxing is a fantastic way to burn off calories and fat On average you will burn 750 calories in a one-hour kickboxing session. Kickboxing will improve your coordination and will improve your stability. it will have a good effect on your mental health the aerobic exercising will re leave stress and it will leave you in a positive mood. It can lead to you meeting new people if done in a group which can improve you confidence.

Kickboxing can be done anywhere in a gym were you have all the equipment punch bags pads but it can be done just as easily at home were you can do an aerobic kickboxing session. There are workouts that you can easily access on line or watch on YouTube so there is no excuse it can be done anywhere.


Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian martial art originating in Angola and taken by the people that were transported to Brazil in the 16th century. This martial art combines different elements of fight, aerobics and music dance that requires strength and flexibility. It is known for its aerobic and complex moves using inverted kicks and hands on the ground with an emphasis on flowing moves rather than in a fixed stance.

Capoeria has many benefits that will improvebest martial arts for fitness-Capoeira. you fitness, your cardio strength and stamina will be improved the workout uses a muscle groups and cardio fitness in unique ways. The intense workout requires you use an enormous amount of energy combined with the repetition of the movements and techniques will give you better cardio health and stamina Regular Capoerira workouts will improve your strength, flexibility,stamina,and cardio in nutshell it will improve your overall fitness and health.

Capoeira can give you a whole new lease of life not only will you be getting fit and healthy improving your cardio health. Strength,stamina and flexibility. It can lead you to meeting new people with the same interest of getting fit and healthy this can improve your mental health making you a happier person.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial art’s has become one of the most popular combat sports in the world with UFC becoming the place were mma fighter want to be. The questions is can MMA be done just to get fit the answer is yes. There are many mma classes that are aimed at getting people fit. What is MMA? well put simply if is a mix techniques from various martial art’s.

MMA is a total body workout.A typical mma session is an intense combinatiobest martial arts for fitness-mman of body weight and free weight exercises hitting bags and pads and grappling. A workout in normal gym can be monotonous and you can lack motivation so you just go through the motions, not with mma the highly athletic workout will build muscle and strength endurance with the fast paced circuit leaving no muscle unscathed.

The high intensity workouts (HIIT) will greatly improve your cardio vascular conditioning, increase you stamina and endurance while building your strength and giving you enhanced flexibility and balance, burning calories quickly and learning done a regular basis will give you more confidence and discipline.

Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

Karate and Tae Kwon do are two of the omartial arts for fitness-karateldest martial art’s that are practised today both are very popular but there are differences in both. Karate uses mainly hand attacks with your legs used as back up.Tae kwon do is the opposite it involves you using more kicks and spinning and jumping kick with the hand used as back up, both teach patience and martial arts for fitness- tae kwon do

Karate is a high intensity aerobic activity that will give you a full body workout and it will improve you cardio vascular health getting your blood pumping around your body improving the health of your heart. Karate will help you with your body conditioning strengthen muscles and improve your flexibility and is an ideal way to help you burn calories and lose weight.

Tae Kwon Do will help give you a high level of cardio fitness that will help strengthen your immune system and improve your heat will also help you maintain a high endurance levels, it will help your bodies range of movement and you will develop good posture and balance. Tae kwon do advanced stretching program will help with muscular and joint problems and regular session will be a big confidence booster, as with all martial art’s it is good for self-defence.

Tai Chi

Tai chi (moving meditation) dates as far back as the 12th century based on the theory that your body mind and spirit must be in balancbest martial arts for fitness-tai chie and involves a series of graceful and slow movements. A weight bearing exercise combining aerobics balance and flexibility meditation and deep breathing. Tai Chi is a low impact exercise that is kind to your joints that can be alone or in a group.

Tai Chi is an aerobic exercise that will make you heart work harder that will increase the flow of blood and oxygen in your body improving your fitness and the weight bearing exercises will improve you strength.endurance, balance and flexibility especially in older people.There are a good deal of health benefits from Tai Chi The aerobic exercise will help with your heart health lower blood pressure help with respiratory problems and arthritis.

The calming nature of Tai Chi will not only help you with your physical health it is good for emotional well being and is known for lowering your stress and anxiety levels, decreasing pain and helping your concentration.

Now You Decide.

Martial art’s are a fantastic way to get yourself fit you not only become physically fit they will make you mentally fit. I have given you a good range of martial art’s to choose from all will get you fit and all have different health benefits but you must choose the right one for you. I chose kickboxing but you might wabest martial arts for fitness nt to combine different martial art’s so choose to do MMA or you want to use you hands more than your feet, karate is the one but you might prefer to kick, spin and jump more, it has to be Tae Kwon Do or if you just want a nice relaxing flowing movements and not too much stress on your body itsTai Chi. The martial art you choose has has to the right one for you but you must give it 100% to gain the full fitnes and mental health benefits. I have done martial arts for many years and not only does it keep me fit it has helped me deal with anxiety making me a more confident and out going person. It can do the same for you. I hope my best martial for fitness will help you in you fitness and health goals.

Good Luck



  1. Great article and website! Your article is detailed, well written and in depth! I like martial arts and I found your article interesting! I learned about the different types of martial arts such as karate and tae kwon do. The images are great to and are great examples of the different types of martial arts! Thank you for writing this great article! Keep up the great work on your website!

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Thankyou for the comment


  2. F1 says:

    This article really breaks down the main aspects of the different martial arts, like kickboxing and MMA, really well!

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Thankyou for the comment


  3. Jeff says:

    I really love how you have shared the best martial arts for fitness, and I recommend for seniors or anyone with health problems Tai Chi. I have been using this for years for autoimmune diseases, and it is gentle on your body yet provides you physical and emotional benefits.

    I was wondering do you think people can learn these types of martial arts without taking classes, I notice you did mention online classes and YouTube videos?

    Great Information

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Yes you can Jeff there are so many videos on you tube and online courses teaching you different martial arts. Thankyou for the comment.


  4. Rick says:

    Yes I suppose that is another option when it comes to losing weight that I never thought of. I always think of self defense as a means of self defense. That’s true with everything I, “You only get out what you put in to it”. Great article

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi martial arts are very good for losing weight and for cardiovascular health they can get you extremely fit.
      thank you for the comment


  5. Sharon says:

    Very insightful article, I’ve tried karate before and did a kickboxing class which I found fun. I’m amazed at how popular MMA has become though!


    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi MMA has become very popular mainly because of the exposure of the UFC doing difrent martial arts can be very interesting never gets boring and it does get you very fit an is a good way to shed some weight thankyou for the comment


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