Best Running Shoe Review.

Your running shoes can become like an old pair of socks comfortable and worn in like they are part of your foot then you start to get blisters and they start to lose grip. The cushioning is becoming flat so you are losing the comfort you once had when you are running. Its time you guessed it for a new pair of running shoes, but do I get the same pair or shall I upgrade. I will help you along the way with my best running shoe review.

When is the best time to change your running shoes well experts say that you should change them every 480 t0 650km or 300 to 400 miles. Everybody is different so this is a rough estimate their are different factors you have to take into account, how many miles a week do you run if you run 20 miles per week a pair of running shoes will last you between 4 and 6 months, if you are a light runner they will last longer 6-10 months.

How long you running shoes last will also depend on your body weight your run stride if you had a 75kg runner with a perfect run stride their running shoes will last a lot longer than a 90kg runner with who overpronates in their run stride. The terrain you run on has to taken into account, if you run on rough terrain your running shoes will wear a lot quicker than if you are road running on flat terrain. So stick with me and i hope I can point you in the right direction for you next or first pair of running shoes.


Asics Mens Gel Nimbus 21.

Best Price Amazon £ 77.49

The latest addition to the Asics nimbus range is the gel nimbus 21. They are a slim fitting high quality running shoe consist of a synthetic outer material and a man made inner. The latest adaptive gel offers more cushioning as you fatigue giving the most comfortable run ever.Best running shoe review

The new and improved fluid ride gives’ you a fantastically responsive ride. A lighter weight shoe and the fluid skin upper adapts to your foot and the strategically placed overlays wrap around your feet and a padded instep for maximum comfort while you are running. A gum rubber sole gives’ maximum grip on all terrains.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 21 come in half sizes for an even better fit and in various colors. They come highly recommended for the latest running shoe technology to make your runs a comfortable and happy experience.

Sizes 5-15

Fit as expected 81%

Rating 4.5 out of 5


Under Armour Mens Micro G-Pursuit Competition.

Best Price Amazon £59.99

Under Armour have again come up with a winner in the Micro G-Pursuit competition running shoes. They are a neutral running shoe that is needed for a the  runner that’s need cushioning, flexibility and versatility. The shoe comes with a light weigh mesh upper that makes the shoe extremely breathable and a synthetic outer and man made inner, closure laces and a rubber running shoe review

A foam padded ankle collar and under tongue padding give you a comfortable fit and feel.The micro foam mid sole will give you cushioned landing and this will then give you an explosive take off. The tyre pattern inspired out sole will provide you with maximum flex and traction.

Under Armour Micro G-Pursuit come in half sizes to give you the best fit and in a number of different colors they come highly recommended as a good all round running shoe that be worn for leisure or in competition.

Sizes 6-15

Fit as Expected 87%

Rating 4.6 out of 5


Salomon Mens Speed Cross Vario 2 Trail Running Shoes.

Best Price Amazon £84.99

The Solomon speed cross vario was the ultimate trail running shoe but they have one better and pushed the boundaries to give you the Speedcross Vario 2 Trail Running shoes. The outer synthetic material and a water resistant mesh upper will keep your feet dry and free from moisture in all weathers, slip them on and off easily with quick lace closure system There will be no annoying small stones and pebbles going into your shoes on the rough trails thanks to the tight mesh insert closure below the ankle.

The Speedcross Vario 2 are an extremely lightweight running shoe that has a removable ortholite sole and an Eva foam mid sole for dry and cooling your feet giving you maximum comfort, your foot is  best running shoe reviewcradle perfectly with fantastic sens fit system that allows you to have the snuggest fit possible. A Anti mark technology and contragrip smooth rubber sole gives’ no adhesion on muddy and slippery or wet forest trails and mountain runs their low profile gives’ you maximum grip and performance on uneven ground .

To sum up The speed cross vario 2 is a good all round trail running shoe made to with stand the rigors of running on rough uneven surfaces and in all weathers and giving you maximum support comfort to your feet at all times while you are running on long road runs or in the forest and mountains.

Sizes 6.5 to 13.5

Fit as Expected 73%

Rating 4.4 out of 5


Under Armour Womens charged Rogue Running Shoes.

Best Price Amazon £41.99

Under Armour have again come up trumps with their charged rogue running shoes. They bring you a running shoe for runners who need cushioning flexibility and versatility. A mesh upper and outer synthetic material and textile inner along with closure laces make for a super lightweight running shoe with a EVA sole for maximum grip, for additional support a lightweight external heel will keep your foot locked in running shoe review

The Charged Rogue running shoe will give you durability and maximum responsiveness a long with optimal cushioning and energy return thanks to their molded foam charged cushioning mid sole. A snug fit is essential and shoes come in half sizes and for the fashion conscious they come in several funky colors.

The Under Armour Womens Charged Rogue are a good well-made lightweight running shoe and if you are new to running or an experienced runner you will not be disappointed with their comfort and versatility .

Sizes 2.5 to 9.5 UK

Fit as Expected 80%

Rating 4.6 out of 5


Nike Womens Internationalist Running Shoes.

Best Price Amazon £64.99

Nike have again come up with a winner with the Womens internationalist running shoe. A lightweight and durable shoe with a breathable upper that gives’ them a soft and clean finish. The synthetic outer combined with suede and man made inner will give you breath ability and maximum comfort.

A lightweight foam mid sole will give all the support you need that will last tbest running shoe reviewhroughout the day making your run an easy and pleasurable experience . A Synthetic rubber sole combined with a waffle structure will give you aggressive traction and maximum durability.

There are no fancy thrills with Nike Womens Internationalist running shoes they are just a good honest running shoe that would suit everyone.They are comfortable and durable and coming in half sizes you can get a snugged fit that will give you maximum comfort on your run.

Sizes 3-7 UK

Colors Blue/White, Black White, White

Fit as Expected 84%

4.4 out of 5


Salomon Trailster GTX W Trail Running Shoes.

Best Price Amazon £ 59.99

Solomon are one if the leading manufactures of trail running shoes and their latest offering the Trailster GTX W is again a winner. When you are trail running you need a shoe that gives’ you comfort and support and the trailster gtx does all this and more. The synthetic outer and man made inner along with a waterproof gortex lining will keep you feet dry at all time which is a must. A lightweight shoe it can be worn for long or short distance runs with no change in performance.

The support in the trailster gtx w is second to none an energy cell mid sole a long with the ortholite die-cast insole will give you maximum comfort and support. The shoes traditional lace best running shoe reviewup will allow you manually adjust your shoe along with a sens fit cradle for the perfect snug and secure fitting shoes. When you are trail running grip and traction on the different terrains is a must and the gum rubber contragrip sole gives’ you the maximum grip and traction at all time, coming in only two colours Pink and purple the choice is limited but colour is everything.

The Trailster GTX W is everything you need in a trail running shoes. The latest technology gives’ you the best comfort and support will make your trail running a fun and pleasurable experience.

Sizes 3 to 10.5 UK

Fit as Expected 65%

Rating 4.5 out 5

I hope my best running shoe review will help you a long the way to finding and purchasing the right running shoes for you and to help you make your running fun, after all that’s what it is all about having fun while getting yourself fit and healthy.

Good luck



  1. Trevor says:

    If you are into keep fit and running as I am, there is nothing better than good running shoes. I know I have always been careful to choose the right show before training and running marathons. I hadn´t seen the advice on the right distance involved in when best to change running shoes before. That is really helpful. Thank you. You provide some great reviews too. Here is an awkward question perhaps but I would genuinely like to know. I have always found it hard to find the “right” shoe when shopping, invariably the sizes are a bit different in different brands, what happens if you order on line and the shoe does not quite fit properly, isn´t it a hassle to return them?

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Its not a hassle these days to return products online if you buy of Amazon there is a straight forward returns policy as with most sites. The size thing is a common problem with running shoes the good thing is they come in half sizes so can get a slightly bigger of smaller size. Thank you for the review much appreciated.

  2. JoAnne says:

    Hi Paul,

    I am not so much into running nowadays, but definitely into walking. Would any of these be ok for that?


    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi the salomon trailster gtx would be ok for walking

  3. Katrin says:

    It’s sooo important to have good running shoes. Your knees and hips take a lot of beating when you run, especially on hard surfaces like tarmac. If you run consistently you should buy new ones at least each year, because as you say, the cushioning becomes flat and won’t do its job sparing your knees properly. I learnt this the hard way, and now I buy new shoes every half year. Thanks for a helpful article!

  4. Jukka says:

    My favorite is Nike Zoom Structure 22 but I’m willing for new suggestions. The Structure 22 changed the way I think about running shoes as I didn’t know I needed pronation support that these shoes offer. Do you have any ideas for othe pronation supported shoes? I’m fond of Nikes because they seem to be a good fit for my foot.

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi there are quite a lot out there Asics do a good range off them

  5. pal says:

    look amazing. i like your work. very nice work.
    i would love to ask you a few questions,

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