Cycling your way to Fitness-Getting Started

The Benefits of Cycling.

Cycling is one of easiest and best ways to get fit and lose weight. It is so easy to fit into your daily routine and it will save you money and you can do your bit for the enviroment while cycling your way to fitness.

Cycling is a low impact type of exercise so it is easy on your joints as it does not have the same impact on your joints as running or other high impact exercise but it still gets you in shape and can help you lose weight.CYCLING FOR FITNESS

Cycling can help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes and strokes it will keep your weight under control and can improve your mood your health benefits if you do at least two and half hours cycling a week more if you can.

Children and young people should to do at least sixty minutes cycling a day. A thirty-minute ride a day will count towards your weekly recommended exercise.

. Cycling can be a truly invigorating experience and can be enjoyed by the young by people of all ages and walks of life.Whether you are just cycling work or the shops or you are more serious Ryder the bicycle is a fantastic way to get fit and have fun so cycle your way to fitness and enjoy.

Getting Started.

If you are just starting out and you already have a bike that’s great you don’t need anything fancy just something to get you started you may get a bike that has been gathering dust in someones garage that’s ok but I would advise you to get the bike serviced before you use it just to be on the safe side.

You might want to jump straight in and get a new bike take you time there are a lot to choose from Mountain bikes.racers Hybrids to name a few but these are the most popular.The best thing to do is to go to a specialist bike shop they can mesure what size frame you need and help you choose what bike best suits you and your budget.They can also help you choose what safety equipment you made need. A cycling helmet is must and they can help choose which one is best for you.

They say you never forget how to ride a bike but if have not cycled for a long time the best place to start is a traffic free area so you can practice with no distractions probably the best to start would be the local park and remember to practice your hand signals and looking over you shoulders when turning to increase your visual awareness it will come back to you in no time.

When you feel confident enough to go out on road have look through the highway code for up to date rules and regulations for cyclist.I would plan out a ride before you go out on the road for the first time . To build your cardovascular fitnees you need to be cylcling for a least 150 minutes a week you can plan your routes around this you can do more than this in week if you can but dont over do it build yourself to it up but try to do the 150 minutes a week minimum.

The important thing is to keep yourself mlotivated make cyling a a habit if your going to the shop go on your bike go for a ride whenever you can .If your feeling really confident on your bike you might want to enter a cycling event this will give you give you the motivation to train on your bike and give you a goal to aim for.

Cycling your way to fitness.

Virtualy everbody that starts to cylcle wants to get fit. if you are just and beginner of a more experianced rider the same rules apply.

Cycling training is just a controlled way of challenging our bodys.Training on regular basis allows our bodys to adapt and you become fitter the more you train.The best way to progress is to keep increasing the diffculty of the challenges you set yourself.This could mean you increase the distance you ride or how hard you ride. The important thing to remember is if you dont strees your body with new challenges your fitness levels will not improve you have to push your body a little bit more every time you cycle.

CYCLING FOR FITNESSCycling a minimum of 3 times per week will be better for you than doing a long ride once a week .if you cycle once a week after 6 or 7 days you will start to lose your fitness so you will not improve you fitness this way you will just stay at the same level .The best training to do is 3 one hour sessions or break them down into sevral 30 minute sessions. In reality to get yourself fit you should be cycling 3 times a week at a minimum.

Taking long rides at a steady pace is the number one way to improve you indurance you should be breathing deep and rhythmic and regular and but you should never become straind.When taking a long ride you should choose a flat and smooth terrain and you can get yourself used to taking on fluids whilst you are riding.A long ride should be 60 minutes plus.

A Hilly ride can be done in different ways long gradial rides are good for this or you can do it on a flat gradient in a high gear.Ideally you should a have a short warm up and then ride for 20 minutes at higher pace in a high gear or up a gradiant.After this 20 minute ride you should be breathing deep have a 1 recovery and then repeat the 20 minute session.These session will improve your muscle effiency and will make hill climbing easier.These sesions should be done over 30-60 minutes.

High intensity interval riding is not for the faint harted.When you do a High intensity interval ride you have to give 100% effort you need to do a 10 minute warm the alternate 30 seconds all out high intensity ride then 30 seconds recovery do this for 5 minutes then pedal easy for five minutes then repeat.This training will rapidly improve your cardovascular fitness burn calories and improve your endurance.Three sessions of high intensity interval training a week is the best way to improve you all round fitness.

Staying motivated to cycle.

I think one of the best ways to stay motivated as with many things is to make it a habit .If your going to the shops go on your bike .Cycle to work this will save you money as well no road tax no fuel and most work journeys take half an hour in the car so a half hour ride to work will improve your fitness and save you money.CYCLING FOR FITNESS

Join a cycling club you can go cycling with other people to keep you company and you can swap tips and it will give something to look forward too meeting once or twice a week to go cycling with others

Mix you cycling up a bit there are so many different places to cycle in the countryside and in cities.Cycling is an ideal way for families to explore th countryside and your neighbourhood

Entering cycling competions are good way to keep motivated they give you something to train and something to aim for.If you train well and do well you will have a great sense of acheivment and it will motivate you to do it again.

Probably the best motivation should be to get your self fit and stay fit and to lead a healthier life.The thing to remember is getting fit not only helps you live a healthier life it can help you prevent other health problems such as heart disease,high collestral and diabetes. Cycling can change your moods and make you feel better when your getting fit you feel better.

Cycling is fun and can be done by all ages and fitness levels.It gets you fit and healthy it can save you money .Cycle for fitness you can cycle to compete you can cycle for fun it does not matter just get on you bike and get cycling your way to fitness.

Good Luck



  1. S Goad says:

    With my older overused knees – I ‘ve come up with every excuse not to cycle. This article really made me think – well maybe if I didn’t try to be that 50 years ago kid, I could get back into it. Starting slow – just doing a little bit a day – but keep at it. I really appreciate you giving me hope and I’ll take a look at that bike I have in the garage and not look at as taking up spae, but as something the one step at a time change my life.

  2. Reading your post makes me want to get a bike and start cycling. I typically run or lift weights and used to ride my bike a lot as a kid. Have been wanting to take it back up again and maybe I will now especially after all the useful information you have provided and how it can help in my weight loss journey.

  3. Daniel says:

    Wow, I am glad I came across your blog post. I’ve been looking at doing more cardio workouts in addition to my strength training sessions. Reading this article has indeed painted a picture on how to use cycling to improve my cardiovascular endurance. Thanks a lot for sharing such great info with us!

  4. Steph says:

    A wealth of information. SALUTE

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