Fitness and exercise for seniors -your never to old

You’re never to old.

Don’t think being a senior citizen makes you too old to exercise, you may be slowing down and you might have aches and pains but regular exercise will help you in your older age. In fact, you should be able to incorporate at least 150 minutes of moderate endurance exercise into your week. Regular exercise in your later years will help you with

fitness and exercise for seniors

your balance flexibility and strength. I am going to give you some of the best tips for fitness and exercise for seniors.

When you are getting to you later years regular exercise can help prevent heart disease diabetes and certain forms ofcancer. It will also reduce pain associated with arthritis. The exercise, you do needs to help you with your fitness but in needs to be enjoyable. So stick with me and ill help you enjoy your exercise.



Some good exercises for seniors to consider.

1. Tai Chi

2. Aerobics

3. Water Aerobics

4. Dance

5. Walking

6. Yoga

7. Swimming


Tai Chi.


Tai chi is an ancient Chinese form of martial arts which combines deep breathing relaxation and slow and flowing low impact movements that is easy on the joints .

Tai fitness and exercise for seniorsTai chi can be beneficial for seniors even if you have limited movement . It can help improve you balance and hand eye coordination can lessen stress and improve your posture.I think tai chi is an excellent and enjoyable exercise for seniors.


There are many aerobic exercise for seniors they include a brisk walk swimming cycling light running. Aerobic exercise involves a cardio session a few days a week the session should be around 30 minutes per day of moderate endurance exercise that increases your heart rate.

Water Aerobics.

Water aerobics involves doing aerobic exercise in water such as a swimming pool with water at waist Fitness and exercise fro seniorsheight doing a set of aerobic movements in the water.

When doing the movements in water it becomes a form of resistance training which quickens the heart rate to build fitness. This form of aerobic exercise can be good for your joints because it is a low impact exercise.


Dancing is an enjoyable and effective way to add exercise to your weekly routine.Dancing burns calories and most impotantly it works your heart muscle. Dancing is constant movement that can can be done at your own pace this quickens you heart rate and this more oxegen through you body this make Fitness and exercise seniors dancingdancing a good cardiovascular exercise.

Dancing also has other benefits such as improving balance and improving your memory. Dancing can been done anywhere and is good form socializing .


Walking is probably one of the easiest exercises to do for seniors. There are many different walks you can do fitness and exercise seniors walkingbut to start off i suggest a brisk walk you need to walk a little quicker than normal to get your heart rate raised to benefit from the walk .

When you feel comfortable you can start to put an incline in to your walk this will increase your heart rate again and you will start to strengthen your muscles as you progress . As you progress make your walks a little longer and put in more inclines.


Yes seniors can do yoga it is not just for the younger generation who can put their legs behind their head with ease. Yoga is adjustable to different generations. Older people are less flexible this is true but older people fitness and exercise for seniorswill enjoy yoga and can benefit more from doing regular yoga workouts.

The benefits from yoga are better balance improved strength muscle tone and mood. If you have limited mobility you can still do yoga workouts with water yoga and chair yoga.


Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise for seniors. Water puts less stress on senior joints so can be done in the knowledge that the injury risk is very low. Swimming increases flexibility and muscle strenghth  .Swimming is very good for the health of your heart. Swimming will increase your heart rate which helps you heart become stronger and more efficient pumping blood through your body reducing blood pressure and the chance of heart and exercise for seniors

Swimming is also good for your mental state it improves brain function but most importantly it can be a social activity where you can have fun which can put at bay depression and loneliness.

Healthy Eating with Exercise.

It goes without saying but their is no point in doing one without the other to truly benefit from your exercise when you are senior you must have a healthy diet to get the most out of your exercise.

Start off the day with a healthy breakfast the most important meal of the day. Start you day with oatmeal cereal or porridge or poached egg on toast have some fruit,

Throughout your day try to eat a balanced heatlhy diet that has plenty of protein and foods that will give you the fitness and healthvitamins and minerals if you are going to eat carbs try to eat low carbs foods most meats like beef chicken and pork are low in carbs and can be mixed with salads or vegetables which are good protein foods.

If your day is an exercise day you need to fuel up before you exercise eat healthy carbs whole grain cereals fruit vegetables whole grain toast and snack sensibly through the day energy bars bananas and drink plenty of water throughout the day you must keep hydrated.

After exercise, you ideally need to eat within two hours of finishing exercise eat plenty of fruits yougurt wholegrain bread vegetables and plenty of water this will help your muscles recover and replace glycogen in them.

Its Over to you.

They say age is just a number and i agree i am 46 years old i know that’s not old but i am still Kickboxing and cycling and i hope to being doing it for many years to come. I believe that if you stay active and keep your self to a good fitness level into you senior years you will stay healthy and live a longer and more efitness and exercise for seniorsnjoyable life.

Fitness is for everybody not just the younger generation it is for everyone. Don’t let the aches and pains put you off

their are exercises that you can do that help you with aches and pains.

So get out their and enjoy your senior year live your life to the full get out there and have fun and remember you are never to old.

Good Luck



  1. Hi Paul,
    I enjoyed reading “You Are Never To Old”. Though I am an active senior, I got a new idea for exercise, Tai Chi.

  2. cherise says:

    I have done yoga for a number of years and really enjoy it. We now have a Tai chi Instructor in our community and I’m really looking forward to trying it. These are all great ideas. thank you

  3. Zac says:

    That was great info, I never realized that there was so many low impact exercises to help keep you fit, I’m def interestest I’m trying some of these, thanks

  4. I can vouch for Tai Chi! My mom with the respectable age of 71 started two years ago and is feeling better than ever! And dancing is equally great more so because it adds the element of human contact and social interaction.
    Thanks, Paul for bringing this to attention, it can really help out some seniors.

  5. Habib says:

    Hi Paul, this will be perfect for my dad. I’m always telling him to exercise and do physical activity. I’m going to print this out for him. Great post by the way. Thanks


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