Fitness and Weight Loss Workouts-Whats Best For Me

health and fitness runningStarting Your Fitness and Health Journey.

I really want to get fit and be healthy and lose weight but what would be the best workout for me and how do i stay motivated. I have not exercised for years what would be the best fitness and weight loss workouts for me. These are probably some of the questions you ask yourself.

I am going to be giving you my take on the best workouts to improve your fitness and help you lead a healthy style. Whatever level you are at or your exercise ability you have i will help you find the workout plan that suits you.

First things first any workout plan should be tailored to your current fitness level. If you have not exercised for a while or you have never exercised at all your muscles will not be able to deal with intensive exercise and your cardio and strength level will be a lot lower. If you do too much to start and push your self too much you will over work your muscles which will results in injury.

When you start working out you will find you have a lack of mobility in your joints this is normal.When your joint moves it creates a pattern of movement which works with you nerves and muscles if your workout is to intense at the begin with you risk injury. You have to build up the movement in your joints, tendons and ligaments they can not deal with sudden movements that they are not used to which can result in tears and strains.

The best way to avoid this is to build up your exercise intensity slowly and allow your Joints, tendons and ligaments to grow stronger so they can cope with the intensity and sudden movements of your fitness workout.

There things you should do and should not do when starting your exercise journey i listed some below.

What you should do.

1. Wear the appropriate clothing for your workout.

2. It is important to keep your workouts short to begin with and build them up slowly.

3. Its is important to Warm up, Warm down and stretch before and after your exercisewalking for fitness

4. You Must give the same amount of time to your nutrition as to your workout.

What not to do.

1. Do not do high impact hitt activities or exercises that involve jumping.

2. Do not do old out dated workouts

3. Do not copy workouts from the internet.


So what are the best exercise for losing weight and building fitness.


Walking is one of the best ways to start getting fit people say “but your only walking” but walking is as good as running for losing weight and improving your fitness. Walking is low impact and can be done at your own pace. You can start off with a brisk walk and then as you work a long you can add gradients into your walk to get your hart pumping faster this is the important thing you need to get your heart pumping faster so your blood is going faster around your body this means that your fitness is building and you are getting fitter.


Swimming is the ultimate low impact exercise there is not impact on any of your joints. When you are swimming your hold body gets a good workout and its is fantastic for building up your cardio.


Cycling again is another low impact exercise. The benefit of cycling it can give you an intense workout for your cardio vascular and you muscle but you do not have to start out with an intense workout you can cycle anywhere to the fitnes and health shops to work anywhere as long as you are and your hart rate is faster so you are strengthening your heart and getting fitter and losing weight.


Although running can be tough on your joints but running outdoors or on a treadmill is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and get fit not only will you burn calories you will strengthen your heart and your legs running will get you lean and trim.


Boxercise is what it says basically the training that a boxer would do. This would include skipping. shadow boxing, shuttle runs, press-ups, sit ups, hitting pads, hitting a punch bag boxercise classes are fun and can burn the calories and can be done by people with all fitness levels.


. Dancing is a fantastic fun and enjoyable way to get fit and burn the calories zumba and just two of the proven dances to lose weight even if you can have fun learning and socialize while getting fit and losing weight.

Yoga and Pilates.

You may be asking can you really lose weight doing yoga and Pilates but they have an amazing effect on your body fat fitness and healthlevels and health. Yoga and Pilates lower your stress levels and this reduce body fat. They will also improve your strength endurance and flexibility. A lot of athletes use these exercises when they are not training.

Healthy diet for exercise.

An important part of your fitness and health journey you must eat the right foods that will give you the calories and nutrients to help with your daily routine as well as your fitness workouts. It is no good doing exercise workout and then going eating a bag chips. Its pointless you will get no where fast. The best way is to eat a balance diet that fuels you for daily activities and your fitness workout.

The most important meal of the day breakfast never skip breakfast.Try to avoid sugary cereals have porridge oat meals and or wholegrain cereals you can have these with milk, yogurt and chopped nuts for protein. If you prefer fitness and healthtoast have wholemeal toast and a poached or scrambled egg.

You need to have a protein rich breakfast that will give you the fuel for day a head and set you up for your fitness workout it will lessen your hunger so you are not snacking in between meals. Eating a healthy breakfast is so important especially on the day you exercise.


Carbohydrates are your bodies main source of energy but you have to eat the right carbohydrates. You should eat complex carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains.These can help you feel fuller for longer and they have the right vitamins and minerals to help your body work at its maximum.


Should be packed into your meals. Good protein food are chicken, red meat, fish, Dairy products milk, yougurts. Beans lentils Eggs. You need to pack your meals with these .

Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are a vital part of your diet they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to help your body function correctly they are also low in fat and and heath

Fueling for exercise.

It is important to fuel before exercising good foods to fuel on are bananas, nuts, berries, grapes. you should drink plenty of water throughout day you will the get the best out of your fitness routine.

Its over to you.

Its now over to you i can tell you how to get fit healthy these are just a few ways you can do it but the mostfitness and health important person is you. It is no good starting your fitness and health journey half-hearted you have to have a goal a motivation to change your life for the better.Set yourself goals to aim for if you choose to run take part in 5k 10k races you now have a goal and motivation to train for the race and finish the race. What ever you choose to do always keep your self-motivated and have a goal to aim for.

It is very important that you take small steps to begin with and build yourself up to a good level of fitness and health that you can sustain and carry on for the long term .

I can tell you from experience that when you get the bug to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle that is addictive you will look forward to exercise and you will challenge yourself in different ways and you will feel fantastic and you will be able to squeeze everything out of life.

Good Luck with your Journey




  1. John says:

    Thanks for the informative post. You have great tips on how to get started working out, the types of exercise one could do, and the food required to do those exercises and stay healthy. I will try to put these points to use in my life.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dana Kirk says:

    Enjoyed the article it covered many types
    of exercise. And also how important
    nutrition is to get yourself physically fit.

    I am also into fitness i will
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  3. Jeff says:

    Just an amazing article on working out, I liked how you shared a good diet plan to have the energy we need to work out effectively.

    Would you be writing any articles for seniors in the near future, I am sure many seniors could use a good workout and diet plan guide

    I am a senior interested in a good exercise and diet plan

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi thanks for the kind comments yes there will be an article for senior coming soon.
      Many Thanks

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