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Golf .golf health and fitnes

The modern game of golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century a game played on a course over 18 holes the first course in St Andrews Scotland was built in 1764. A game of great skill you can be on a high with one great shot but the next shot you can be pulling your hair out with frustration. Golf can be played for leisure but it is a highly competitive professional sport played by men and women around the world, but is Golf Fitness and Health for you. Please read on and find out.

Can Golf improve my fitness?

I hear you saying but is golf a a good way for me to get fit you are only swinging a club not really doing anything else, well think again golf can not only improve you physical fitness it can help with your mental well-being. Golf Health and fitness is a a good way to improve you life and well-being and I will explain how

Playing golf has a good deal of fitness benefits, The most obvious one is walking to get around a golf course you need to walk which makes golf a good cardiovascular exercise which will help you have a healthy heart lower blood pressure lower colestoral and prevent diabetes. A golf course I not flat it is uneven and hilly meaning you will work  your heart and lungs harder increasing your fitness levels.and if you cannot hit the ball straight like me you will walk even further trying to find your ball !.

Golf will give you good exercise it depends on your fitness goals and you want to get out of your round of golf. Swinging the club does not give you alot but a round of golf is good strength training walking around a hilly golf course strengthening your lower body workigolf health and fitnessng your leg muscles, carrying a golf bag around the course will work your upper body muscles all contributing to improving you fitness.

Playing regular golf can help you with weight loss a standard golf course is 8.5km in length so walking for this distance carrying your golf bag playing shots will burn calories, a round of golf will burn a 1000 calories off so the more you play the more calories you will burn think of it this way if you play four time a week that’s 4000 calories burned so it will help you if you are trying to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Golf.

There are many health benefits associated with golf not only the fitness benefits it can have many positive affects on your health.

Golf is a great way to exercise your body but it a a good way to exercise your brain. When you are playing golf you are outdoors in a natural environment in the fresh air and constant exposure to green areas with fellow golfers and friends your mind is relaxed which releases endraphone mood relaxing chemicals in your brain making you happy and relaxed which will reduce anxiety and stress leading to you being in a better mental state and you will be exposed to sunlight giving you vitamin D which will help with bone health and fitness

A persons natural instinct is to be competitive, When you play golf you do not just compete with fellow golfers you compete with your self and set your self challenges “can I drive my ball further “. When you set yourself a challenge and you complete it you will boost your confidence and self esteem.

Golf can be good for a variety of thing balance you are constantly shifting body weight when swinging a golf club so naturally you balance will improve. A Golfers concentration is key you have to focus on how to play a shot where you want the ball to go to give you the best chance of completigolg health and fitnessng the hole in a certain number of shot so you concentrate for long periods of time. Playing golf forces you to use your brain.

The one thing you would not relate to playing golf is sleeping better but golfers do sleep better. The energy you use playing golf will tire you body, you will not only use physical energy you will use mental energy so your body and mind will be crying out for a rest. Golfers sleep better they sleep deeper and for longer periods due to the physical and mental energy expended.

Is Golf for you.

Playing golf is not for everyone but it is a good way for you to get fit lose weight and improve your health. A typigolf health and fitnesscal round of golf will allow you to get outdoors in a natural environment taking in fresh air working your heart strengthening your muscles. Playing a round of golf with friends challenging them, challenging yourself having fun relaxing, no stress. All this from a round of golf. Golf Fitness and health is a good and fun way to make your life a fitter and healthier one so why not give it a try it my might surprise you how much you like it. Please feel free share this post and leave any comments or questions you many have about Golf fitness and health.



Good Luck



  1. Mick says:

    Hi Paul, the benefits of actually being out in the open have a huge impact on our health and playing golf can be so physical for many, especially if the course doesn’t provide a mobile golfing cart.

    I got into golf a few years ago now and we have a great course behind where I live.

    The only problem we have here in the UK is the weather which dictates pretty much everything (if you let it).

    Beautiful weather which some are blessed with I’m sure will take more than 1000 calories off you in a game.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Paul Thomas says:

      I know the weather here in the uk can play a part not the best but you can combine it with other fitness programs you have to give you a good balance. thankyou for the comments.


  2. Nate Stone says:

    Hey Paul,

    Great article, I’ve always believed that golf fitness is a thing despite some being sceptical.

    As long as you walk around the course, you get some excellent exercise, the walking & golf as a sport is low intensity so keeps cortisol levels down while still burning calories, it’s great for getting sun light for vitamin D3 & is great for your brain & a great way to relax.

    When this pandemic is over, I’ll be resuming my Sunday golfing sessions!

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi yes a lot of people do not associate golf with fitness but it is a good way to help build you fitness thankyou for the comment


  3. F1 says:

    Thanks for this post. I did not know that golf has been here since the 15th century.

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi yes it has ben around along time thankyou for the comment


  4. Boby says:

    Scotland? Really?
    And all this time I thought that golf actually originated in the USA…
    I’ve never played in my life but I would really like to learn.
    Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to do that one day.
    It would be a nice way to improve the results I’m getting from my regular workouts in the gym.
    Love the article, thanks for sharing!

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi yes it was Scotland it is a good way to take in scenery and play an enjoyable but frustrating game and help your fitness and health at the same time thankyou for commenting


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