Health And Fitness Nutrition-Recovery is key

Fitness is not just about the exercise.What you put in your body and how you recover from exercising is just as important as the exercise. It is important to prepare your body for exercise and also to recover your body correctly. Health and fitness nutrition is key in your journey to becoming fit and healthy if you do it right you will feel the benefits you will be able to put more into your exercising and get more out of it.

Running nutrition tips for better performance. Diet and nutrition is very important for running not only for good for your health and well-being it will help you towards peak performance. To achieve peak performance you will not only have to watch what you but when you eat. When you start to run your body will need fuel for the miles you run you burn about 100 calories for every mile that you run and your muscles will need protein to keep them working efficiently. I have set out some different foods to improve your running performance and recovery.Health and fitness nutrition

Complex carbohydrates. Pastas,wholes grains, potatoes and vegetables are all good complex carbohydrates and are good for keeping you strong through out your run and they will not produce sugar spikes and lows which will make you feel tired before the end of your run.

Protein. Chicken,fish,eggs and nuts are all good high quality and lean protein foods. As you run your muscles your muscles and tendons need to repair the more you run and the further distance you run the more repair work your muscles need and protein foods are good for regulating hormones to aid muscle recovery.

Fats. There are good bad bad fats mono saturated fats such as avocados, olive oil and flax seed oil are the healthiest fats for you. These types of fats have lead to a decrease strokes and heart disease and these are the best for you to obtain your fat calories for your running.

Recovery Drink. Glucose drinks are best absorbed into your muscles that need fuel a fuel source within the first 15 minutes after your run this time frame is important in those 15 minutes your muscles will absorb the fuel source at its and fitness nutrition

Balanced Meals. Its is important that you have well balanced meals your meals should consist of 20% fats 20% protein and 60% complex carbohydrates you can eat as much fruit and vegetables as you want and to make it more interesting you can make fruit smoothies a good source of nutrition and you will get the vitamins you need from this.

Water Intake. When you are a runner your water intake is essential you will sweat more and should drink at least two liters of water a day. Runners tend to get dehydrated so you need to keep your fluid levels up to stop you dehydrating too much.Fruit Juices and sports drinks even herbal teas can be counted as fluids.

Before a Run.Protein Drinks sports drinks carb drink are all good ways to boost your fuel levels before you go on a run.When you go for a run it can be better for some people to drink a meal rather than eat a meal to make it easier to digest and can be better for you if you an early morning runner.

Cycling Nutrition. Cycling puts high demand on your cardiovascular system and muscles you know what are the best foods to eat they generally need to be easy to eat and something that does not lay heavy on your stomach.

When should you eat. Having a good breakfast is essential eat slow burn carbohydrates porridge, honey,jam,cerial and muesli are good slow burn carbs.Drinking plenty of fluids is very important part of your diet you will need to drink at least two liters of fluid before a ride. Start your carb loading between 2 and 4 days before a long ride.

On the ride. On the ride you need to refuel your self with carbohydrates the body can only store up to two hours of glycogen a muscle fuel that stops you from “hitting the wall”. To prevent you from “hitting the wall” you need to refuel while riding. Energy bars are good for refueling and should be eaten every 30 to 40 minutes of your ride. Bananas provide calories, potasium and carbohydrates that you need. Regular fluids need to taken on board you need to take on fluids every half hour of your ride to achieve maximum and fitness nutrition

After your ride. After a long ride it is essential you replenish your glycogen levels as soon as possible it is must your body replenishes glycogen best straight after a long ride. A good way to get carbohydrates back into you quickly is a high calorie drink and slowly replenish the fluids you have lost after the ride. If you stick to these simple steps you will be able to ride more often and have the energy levels to improve.

Nutrition for sports. Nutrition is as important as doing your exercise or sport you need to prepare your self so you can put as much as you can into your exercise to get something out of it that is worthwhile.

What ever sport you do you need to get your nutrition right so you can perform to your maximum. If you are doing your sport for fitness or for real you have to get all the elements right to get the most out of your chosen sport. I have given you two examples of different sports and what nutrition is best for them. Two different sports and different nutrition elements to give you the maximum performance for each sport.

Recovery after exercise. One of the most important things in any sport or exercise you need to give your muscles and tissues time to recover for your next training session.

Replace lost fluids. It is important to replace the fluids you have lost while exercising ideally you should replace them while exercise but boosting your recovery can be done after exercise by taking on fluids. Fluid replacement is health and fitness recoveryeven more important if you are doing an endurance sport because you loose a lot of fluid through sweating.

Healthy Recovery foods. After exercise or doing sport your energy stores are depleted and need to be refilled your body needs to recover your muscles need to repair and get stronger for your next session or challenge. Eating within 60 minutes of finishing your exercise is recommended and you should try to eat some complex carbohydrates and some quality protein.

Rest and chill out. One of the best things for recovery is time.if you have an injury or just want to recover from a hard training session time is the best healer.The human body is an amazing thing and has a great capacity to look after itself as they say time is a great healer. Resting and waiting after a hard training session allows the body to recover naturally and is the best form of recovery.

Stretch out. After a good training session there is nothing better than a stretch out.Doing a gentle stretch will help your muscles recover faster.

What ever sport or exercise you do you need to fuel your body with the right food and fluids to get the most out ofhealth and fitness stretching your chosen exercise or sport it is no good eating junk food and expecting to perform to your highest level it just won’t happen.”you can’t run a Rolls Royce on paraffin oil”. The same applies to your body if you don’t fuel it correctly in will not perform to its maximum. So remember fuel your body correctly and it will perform. Recovery is just as important as fueling your body. Resting and recovering you body has the same effect as fueling your body they go hand in hand if you do both in the right way you will get the maximum out of you sport or exercise.

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