How to get a Fit And Healthy At Home-Find Out How

The Answer Is Yes!

If you are wondering can i get fit and healthy at home the answer is yes.If you’re thinking i have got to go to gym to get fit your wrong there are plenty of ways to get fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home and iam going to tell you how to get fit and healthy at home.

Getting Started.

Its not just exercise. Getting fit and healthy at home is not just about exercise you need to eat healthy too you need to try to eat a balanced diets plenty of fruit and vegetables and moderate amounts of proteins such as meat, fish,eggs and milk you need to keep high fat and sugar foods to a minimum.

When should you exercise. Find the best time for you try to make it a habit and get into a routine maybe exercise every morning before breakfast and try to mix up the exercise you do and vary it from day you could do and cardio Monday and Wednesday and strength training Tuesday and Thursday keep it interesting .fitness at home

Where do¬† you work out. Find yourself somewhere you are comfortable and there is plenty of space and no distractions for instance don’t work out in front of the tv it will distract you. If you can try to change the environment where you exercise for instance you could workout in the yard for i try to take out the monotony and make it enjoyable.

What do and i want to get out of my exercise. Try to think of which parts of your body you want to strengthen which parts you want to tone up and which parts you want to stretch you need to work the different parts of your body with different fitness routines to suit. Keeping a diary of the different routines you have done will help you keep track so you do and the correct amount for the part of your body you are exercising

Do i need any equipment. It is possible to exercise at home with no equipment it is good to have some basic equipment you need to be comfortable when you are exercising.comfortable clothing nothing fancy just something you are comfortable in and you have plenty of movement in and some supportive footwear. It might be good to get an exercise matt to make it comfortable when doing lying down exercises and maybe some small hand weights

Have a goal.It is good to have a goal for motivation it might be to lose a certain amount of weight you might want to enter a race don’t rush you have to stick to your fitness plan but be realistic. It is better for you to do and a bit everyday than a lot of exercise all at once remember slow and steady always wins the race.

Exercises You Can Do At Home .

What Exercise can i do and at home. There are many exercises you can do and at home simple ones like sit ups, squats and press-ups they don’t have to over complicated to reach you fitness goals.

Use your Body. A simple way to get fit at home is to use your body. Exercises using your body strength Press ups,sit ups, tricep dips and squats. Do 20 reps of each and then take a 30-second rest and then repeat i would recommend doing 5 sets of twenty.If you are just starting i recommend you build yourself up slowly start of with two sets and build up to five.Always remember to stretch you muscles before and after exercise.

Yoga. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise using strength flexibility and breathing to boost your mental and physical well being.Yoga movements are designed to increase your strength and flexibility and breathing.Yoga can also help with your balance and co-ordiantion.Yoga does not require much equipment just a yoga matt so not expensive to do and. it doesn’t count towards your 150 minutes per week exercise but does count as a strengthening exercise and can help with health problems such as high blood pressure and can help with aches and pains and can help with depression and stress.

Boxercise.Boxercise is the most effective way to get fit without getting hit it and it involves a fitness routine used by boxers to get fit.Boxercise at increases you body stamina strength and speed and help your body co-ordination. If you fitness at home boxercisewant to do and your boxercise at home you should start with a warm up 3 minutes skipping to get you blood pumping then get into your boxing stance left foot forward right back arms up fists at the side of your head elbows tucked in throw a fast left jab followed by a right cross then left jab again and right cross as you throw the punches twist yourself into the punches do and 10 sets of fast combinations and then do and a set of ten boxer push up this involves you getting in the full plank position and lowering yourself to hover just above the ground and then push back up alternate this each round with some cycling sit ups lie on your back hands behind your head with your knees-up and move your legs in a cycling motion twisting so you opposite elbow hits your opposite knee. I recommend you do five rounds of ten combinations if you feel you can do and more you can.I have listed some different combinations you might want to try. To warm down do some more skipping and stretch off.

Lead jab right cross lead hook right cross.

Lead jab right cross lead hook right upper cut.

Right cross left hook right cross left hook.

Double jab right cross left hook right upper cut.

Lead Jab rear upper cut left hook right cross.

Cardio Blast. A twenty-minute blast containing different exercises First exercise jog on the spot for 3 minutes raise your knees high and move your arms as if jogging on the make sure you do and this to get the full benefit.

Jumping Jacks. Jumping jack or star jumps. Start with you feet together arms by your side jump and take you feet to shoulder width apart whilst lifting your arms above your head and then bring your legs together and arms down then repeat. I recommend you do and this at a high pace for one minute to get the best out of it.

Crunches . Lay flat on your back raise your legs to the bent position lift your feet off the ground and cross you feet hands at the side of you temples make a small sit up movement whilst moving your knees back do and not pull on your neck.I recommend 20 reps to get the benefit.

Step ups. Steps can be done on a step up board (if you have one) or the bottom step of you stairs Steps up what they say on the bottom step left leg first step up then right leg then step back down and repeat I recommend doing a minute of step ups at medium to high pace .

Push ups. A classic get yourself in plank position arms shoulder width apart lower you self and push back up i recommend you do and 20 reps to get the full benefit

Tread Mill. A good cardio exercise get into the kneeling position lean forward palms on the floor lift you bum in the air now slide your left leg into you body slide back out right leg into your body and slide back out and repeat get your legs into a rytham I recommend you do and 1 minute at medium to high pace.

fitness at homeReverse crunches. Lay flat on your back with your hands stretched out by your side lift your legs slightly off the ground and bring your knees in towards your head until your hips are slightly off the ground hold for a few seconds and s your leg and repeat I recommend 20 reps.

This circuit should take you ten minutes after you have finished the first circuit take a couple minutes rest take on some fluids and repeat the circuit try to up the pace the second time round.

Fitness At Home.

Join a gym that’s what everybody says. There are many different ways to get fit you don’t have to join a gym you can get fit and maintain your fitness just as easily at home.

Motivation is one of the most important things you need to get fit if your not motivated you will not reach yours goals. If you go to gym or exercise at home motivation is key so set yourself goals it might be to get down to a certain weight to make yourself look good on the beach on holiday just find something to motivate you.

exercise at homeI have set out few home exercises but there are many more.If you a have space you can invest in some fitness equipment maybe an exercise bike or a treadmill it depends on your budget and motivation to get fit if you are serious get an exercise bike or other fitness equipment but don’t use it once and then let it gather dust.

I hope i have set you on your journey on how to get fit and healthy at home. Try some workouts i have set down you might not like one so try another you will find one you enjoy and are comfortable with and keep yourself motivated to carry on getting fit and healthy at home.

Good Luck



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    Great content and advise, I am trying to get my wife to give up her gym membership since she exercises at home all the time lol.

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