Nordic Walking for fitness.

So What is Nordic walking.

Nordic walking is a full body exercise that involves you walking with two spiked poles a lot like ski poles the poles are used two propel you forward while walking this not only works your legs it works your upper body giving you a full body workout whilst walking but how good is Nordic walking for fitness.Nordic Walking for fitness

Nordic walking was first used as summer training exercise for cross-country skiers and can be done by all age groups and fitness levels. It all depends on your fitness goals. It can be used two increase your fitness levels two lose weight two tone your body up and can be used for people who have health concerns two exercise a lower pace.

The Beauty of Nordic walking is that it can be done anywhere in the city in the countryside as long as you have got your poles you can Nordic walk. So remember two two keep your walking poles in the car so you have them at hand so you get the best out of every walk that you go on.

Health Benefits of Nordic Walking.

There are Many health benefits associated with Nordic Walking. Any regular Exercise can lower the risk of chronic illness and Nordic walking is no different.. Nordic walking can lower the risk of Heart disease, asthma, type2 nordcic walkingdiabetes and reduce the risk of you suffering from a stroke. Regular Nordic walking sessions can also help with weight loss and its is no harder on joints than walking in fact will take the pressure of your knee joints so can a good form of exercise for people with joint conditions and for people who are carrying a little extra body weight and bets of all you will be outside breathing in fresh air what could be better.

What is needed two start Nordic walking.

It does not take a lot too  start Nordic Walking but as if you haven’t guessed you will need a set of poles. There are different types of walking poles its is no good going for a set of trekking poles because they will not give you the same benefits as Nordic walking poles. When looking for pole you need two look specifically for Nordic walking poles they are different two other poles because of the way the strap is used two give you the right angle for poles two go into the ground two give you the full benefit of the walk.

It goes without saying that you will need a good pair of walking shoes you have two remember that you will be walking for some distance and on different terrain so you need two make sure your shoes are a good fit and comfortable two walk in. When you buy your shoes you might want two walk round the house in them two break them so when you come two do your walk they don’t rub and make your walk uncomfortable.Nordic walking

Nordic Walking can be done all year round so you need two have the correct clothing plenty of layers in the winter and something comfortable in the summer. Firstly should have a good pair of walking pants.There are walking pants that unzip from the knee so can be turned into shorts for the warmer weather and in colder and damper weather they can be worn as long pants so you only have two buy one pair of pants the best of both worlds.

A good waterproof coat is vital two keep you warm and dry in the colder damper weather there are many different types of coat you can get coats where the lining is a fleece jacket so you can zip it out when a bigger coat is not needed again this has a cost saving and again is the best of both worlds so it important you pick the correct one two suit your needs. Your walking shoes should be worn with a good pair of socks so when you are walking your feet have two be comfortable and let your feet breathe. The important thing two remember is that you can be walking long distance so you need two happy, warm and comfortable so you enjoy and get the most out of your walk.

Nordic walking for fitnessIt is also advisable two have a set of waterproofs for wet weather two keep your under clothes dry. A hat and gloves and a rucksack two carry them in. I know it sounds a lot but you have two be ready for any eventualities. It no good being on your walk and its starts two rain and you do not have any waterproofs so you get soaked two the skin. The most important thing you need is motivation you can have all of the above but without motivation to go out and Nordic walk you will not gain the full benfits of your walk.

How two Get Started.

As I have said you can be done in any location you can do it in a town or city but I would recommend that you do it in the countryside. To start of with you could get a taster session at Nordic walking group with a qualified instructor who can teach you the proper technique so you get the full nordic walking for fitnessbenefits of Nordic walking.


After your taster session if you like it and get hooked you can join the group and start two walk regular. There are local groups run by qualified instructor that organize walks on a regular basis and it can become habit and the more walks you take you will build up your fitness and it will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Nordic Walking Go For It.

In my opinion Nordic walking is a fantastic way two keep fit and two lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. It something you can do the spur of the moment or on a regular basis. It a good way two meet new people and socialize whilst getting fit and it does not cost a great deal two do.

So you have no excuses two get out there and get strated All you need is a set of poles comfortable shoes you can even Nordic Walking for fitnesswhere trainers two start off and your away. ,if you need motivation set yourself goals. How many times a week you will walk how far, try two increase these goals on a weekly basis.

A good way two keep motivated would be two join a Nordic walking group so you can be around other like-minded people who have set themselves goals and you can motivate each other and at the same time enjoy your Nordic Walking meeting new people along the way.

Exercise has two be enjoyable Nordic Walking is no different you have two push yourself two get the full benefits but you have two be enjoying it at the same time. There is nothing worse than doing something that you don’t enjoy doing there is no point you will achieve nothing out of this. Nordic walking has so many advantages you can work all your body two any level you can push as hard you can or you can just walk as normal and still works your full body, and at the same time you are outside in the fresh air taking in some great sights, meeting new people, what could be better this why I would recommend Nordic walking for fitness so get out there and get walking.

Good Luck




  1. Denton says:

    This is an amazing article i was looking into a new form of exercise to do with the wife and I think I just found it! Sounds like it will be fun and just up our alley since we love hiking.

    Thank you so much for the idea! I do wonder if this will be acceptable on rigorous terrain or is it best suited only for hills and nice terrain?

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi thankyou for the comments . You can do it on any terrain but I would suggest it would be probably be better walking over hills and in the country


  2. Natalie says:

    I have seen this in the past and had no idea what it was called or what they were doing. Thanks so much for filling me in, fascinating! I really like that it’s something that you can do with other people, it gives it a lovely social element, but at the same time it can be a solitary activity if in need of some me time which is great too. I like that it can be done anywhere; great suggestion to keep the sticks in the car. And such a great way to see beautiful scenery too. What is your favourite place to Nordic walk? And also can I ask what made you get into it? This was a great read, thank you 🙂

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      Hi do a lot of walking in abersoch in wales with my wife we have a holiday home there I started first walking with poles because I was having trouble with my lower back so used them to support my back then walking progressed into Nordic walking. Thankyou for the great comment


  3. EcoCatherine says:

    very interesting article so much good information

  4. suzanne says:

    What a great idea, Paul.
    I had no idea there was a name to this style of walking. The only time I’ve seen anyone with poles is when my son-in-law does his trail running races in the mountains.
    I think this is a great thing to start doing with my husband. Walking I mean, haha. Not running!
    We have a long winter season here in northern Canada, so the poles would probably help for stable walking in snow as well.
    Thanks again,

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