Safe Weight Loss Tips

They say you are what you eat this is very true and if i look at a cake i put on weight on but why do we put wesafe weight loss tipsight on well quite simply if the calories you eat exceed the calories you burn you will more often that not put weight on. Everybodys metabolism is different some peoples works quicker than others and because of this they do not gain weight as quickly.A lot of people go on fad diets and lose weight, They reach their desired weight and then start to eat normally again and gain the weight back. So what is the safest way to lose weight Iam going to give you some safe weight loss tips to help you on your way.

The safe Way to lose Weight.

The safest way to lose weight is to lose weight a realistic pace and to set yourself realistic goals. It is is best to go at your own pace do not set yourself unrealistic targets because if you don’t you will be disappointed. If you reduce your calorie intake by 500 per day calories you will lose 1lb per week if you eat an extra 100 calories per day you will gain 11ib per year . It is all about the amounts you eat.

Every body wants to lose weight quickly but if you lose weight gradually and set yourself a goal of one or two pounds safe weight loss tipsper week you will lose weight safely and it more likely that you will maintain a healthy weight, you should aim to have three regular well-balanced meals per day have meals planned for certain times of the day this will help you maintain your weight loss in the long term. Setting small realistic goals will help you lose weight safely.

There is nothing wrong with having a snack through the day but only if you are physically hungry and if you are to snack try a healthy alternative, Instead of crisp have some carrot sticks some celery sticks. Don’t have that chocolate bar have some nuts instead. When you have your morning coffee have skimmed milk a skinny latte if you have two sugars in your coffee reduce it to one and then no sugar changes can make the world of difference and you will start to lose weight safely.

Plan your Meals.

If you want to lose weight safely i would recommend that you plan your meals, ideally you should plan you meals for the week ahead. Meal planning is so important because you need to eat the right foods at the right times.

It is best to go shopping for the food you need for the week a head for the meals you have planned. A good idea is to cook your food in bulk and split them into small portions and you can freeze some so you always have a healthy meal to eat. A slow cooker is another good idea put your meal ingredients in the morning and when you get home from benefits of healthy eatingwork you have a healthy hot meal waiting for you. The one thing i would ovoid is shopping when you are hungry because you are more likely to choose the wrong foods.

When you do your shop it is best to avoid large pack sizes and in store promotions they are only normally used on food that contain high fats sugar and salt like crisps sugary drinks these will lead to weight gain so ovoid them at all costs.

Portion control is an important part of losing weight, controlling your portion size is a big part of being successful in your weight loss attempt.

Weight loss is about eating a healthy well-balanced diet and your portion sizes can vary you have to take in to account age activity levels and gender.

Portion size guide.

Milk 200MLsafe weight loss tips

One medium slice of bread

Meat the size of a deck of cards

a small square block of cheese

2-3 spoons of pasta

This is just a rough guide of certain foods but it gives you an idea of portion sizes.


Alcohol can be a big factor in weight gain if you drink alcohol it contains a lot of calories and if you drink too much or you binge drink this will lead to you gainingsafe weight loss tips weight. If you want to lose weight safely it is best to cut down on you alcohol intake or cut it out altogether.

It is is recommended that if you do have a drink you should limit yourself to 14 units spread throughout the week Listed below is some different drinks and how many calories they contain.

A Medium glass of wine contains 2-3 units and 159 calories.

A pint of beer contains 2-3 units and a 182 calories

A bottle of alcopop contains 1.1 units and 170 calories.

A measure of spirits contains 1 unit and 61 calories.

As you can see from the list above if you have a couple of the calories will soon add up so think carefully about your alcohol consumption if you want to lose weight not having a drink will help you lose weight quicker.


Stay Active.

It goes without saying that you should should keep yourself active as part of your safe weight loss program.Staying active helps you burn the calories that you have consumed. If you eat fewer calories and increase your daily activity you will lose weight loss

How much exercise should you do it recommended that you do at least a 150 minutes of moderate activity each week or 75 minutes of rigorous exercise. The best way to increase your activity is to spread your exercise over 5 days and 30 minute sessions.

Walking and cycling are just two exercises that you can use to increase your activity. Whatever exercises you choose you should include strength exercises to work your muscles and include your legs chest arms shoulders and back.

Keep Focused.

Losing weight can be frustrating but if you set your small goals every day every week and aim for them you will lose weight. It is important not run before you can walk and even the smallest changes to your diet will help safe weight lossyou lose weight.what is your motivation to lose weight a new dress you want to buy, going on holiday you want to look good on the beach you have to have motivation and a goal to aim for if you have no motivation to lose weight you will not lose it .

There are a lot of diets out their and they do work for a lot of people but you reach your desired weight and then stop the diet and you put weight back on again so you go back on the diet it’s a vicious circle.If you have a burning desire to lose weight and you set yourself achievable goals every day every week you will lose weight If you maintain a healthy well-balanced diet combined with moderate activity you will lose weight safely and maintain a healthy weight. I hope my healthy weight loss tips will help you reach your goals and desires for the future.

Good Luck






  1. Nicks says:

    Paul, calorie counting is great and works very well, I have been doing the KETO diet on top of that for quite some time to cut access carbs and have lost about 25 lbs so far.

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      I hope my article can help you to further your weight loss congratulations on your weight loss so far

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing this great information. I diet by eating what I want before 3:00 PM during the evening hours. The weight takes its time, but I’ve had a lot of success with the process. I picked up some great information from your article. I am thinking about giving some of the tips a try.

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      hope it helps you along the way thankyou for the comments.

  3. Steven says:

    Hi Paul,your post is very useful for me ,cause i am a little bit fat now.thanks for your tips.

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      thankyou for the comments hope it helps you along the way

  4. Jay says:

    Focus is so important isn’t it?! I bought some roasted almonds on the weekend and on my first sample realised they were salted as well. My fault entirely but I couldn’t keep my hands out of the packet over the next hour or so. I had to really focus and think proactively rather than just blindly react to my taste-buds screaming for more. When I finally did I then had to deal with the guilt which led me to believe I’d set myself up with unrealistic expectations regarding snacking.
    Every experience like this is making me more resolute though.

    1. Paul Thomas says:

      it is normally the case if they taste nice you cant stop eating them you just have to stay focused and disciplined .

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